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My Rookie Story

Why I have decided to make this site

My Rookies Guitar Story

Hey there fellow guitar lovers. My name is Calin and I have dedicated this site to helping you find your first guitar, a beginner guitar or how I prefer calling it, a Rookies Guitar. You should be able to find relevant information related to guitar playing, what guitar to buy, accessories and rookie guitar stories. Since I’m an acoustic aficionado you will find more on acoustic guitar playing, however I am trying to cover all guitar types here.

This information is totally free and no membership is required. However, a positive comment is well appreciated.


How I have ended up with my first Guitar

My first guitar wasn’t really my choice. I just got it cause I was a little boy, who seemed enthusiastic about making noise with the guitar. And it also had a big crack on the side, probably why the owner wanted to get rid of it. Anyways, I ended up with the guitar and throughout my youth I tried to play it. I did not even know I had to tune each string. Years later and with the help of a friend and the internet I finally learned how to play guitar. Then I realized my guitar didn’t even sound that great!

This experience definitely inhibited my learning curve and having a Rookies Guitar to start with would have made it easier for me. So, I learned the hard way to play guitar. And now I’m here to help you find the right guitar for you with the Rookies Guitar selection.


My first guitar and the years that went by …

first guitar

This is a 2016 picture of my first guitar, which I don’t have anymore by the way. I ended up doing the same thing, I gave it to a friend from my home town. And while visiting there in 2016 I was able to take a picture with it, with the intent to post it on here. The pick guard fell off at some point and the E tuning keys is missing. Not to mention the stickers I applied during my time as a boy scout. The white faded squares on the fretboard are actually the notes, applied again by yours truly.

There is a big variety out there from different brands, to models, shapes and wood type. My attempt is to make your choice a bit easier by featuring Amazon’s Best Sellers.

Rookies Guitar offers a nice selection of acoustic beginner guitar kits and one purchase ensures everything is there what a future rock star might need. And just in case you might need more, the Accessories page is there to help you out with additional items. For example, color coded note strips for the fretboard, like the ones glued onto my first guitar but more professionally made.

Good luck and let me know how your rookie story is going!

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