January 7, 2018

Coco Guitar

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Disney/Pixar’s latest animation from November 2017 proved to be yet another hit with its audience, not only on the silver screen but also in the guitar stores.

Miguel is a little boy from Mexico, who is passionate about playing guitar but his family has a wired ban on music. Right away the conflict is settled and promises for a great movie were a talented musician has to fight for his passion. The guitar plays (pun intended) a central role in the movie and therefore several guitar manufacturers have been contacted by the studio. Cordoba Guitars was chosen to manufacture a guitar for Coco because most of the luthiers (builder of string instruments) identify with Miguel’s story from the movie. Being an animated movie, visuals were most important but playability was also a factor and Cordoba was able to launch the Coco X collection by the time the movie was released.

Source: CordobaGuitars

The movie Coco made good at the box office but also in the guitar stores, most notably in Mexico, in the famous city of Paracho, known all over the world for guitar craftsmanship. Definitely this movie struck big at the hearts of enthusiastic guitar players and caused for inspiration world wide.

Now, were can we buy this inspiring guitar and play like Miguel in the movie? Well, the above guitar is not yet on the market and most likely it will be very expensive but the Cordoba X Collection is available and at an affordable price as well.

The Coco X Cordoba Collection

There are three guitar available, the Mini SP, the Mini MH and the Guitar.

The mini guitars are at a 3/4 scale and meant for the young player and the Guitar is at a 7/8 scale and for the adult. All of them are classical and therefore have nylon string guitars but representative for the Mexican musical heritage and what is at the heart of the movie.

I say this because I know there are a lot of acoustic guitar players out there and some may not consider a classical guitar. But watch the movie and see if you cannot be inspired to try something else. Nylon strings may be an issue for some fingers but the strings on the Coco x Collection actually feel smooth and natural. The top three strings are wrapped in metal but there is nylon underneath. The bottom strings are almost invisible so it might be a bit difficult for the beginner guitar player to see them at first. Also to be noted, a classical guitar has the strings loose at both ends. Therefore, they have to be tied in twice. But most likely, the guitar will come with the strings attached and you’d just have to get them in tune. For details on tuning please see my guitar tuning guide.


Technical Specifications

The SP and MH on the mini guitars just refer to the wood type of the top of the guitar. The guitar is available either in spruce of mahogany. And the 7/8 version is only available in spruce. From these two wood options mahogany sounds best. To bad they don’t have it available in mahogany for the 7/8 version.

Source: CordobaGuitars

The back, sides and neck are all made out of mahogany and the sound is smooth and warm, having you plucking away for hours. The fingerboard and bridge are made of composite material and the saddle and nut are out of NuBone material. The truss rode has a dual action and can be adjusted with a 4mm allen key. The fingerboard inlays are 4mm Pearloid dots the the neck comes in a C shape.

Source: CordobaGuitars

The finish is a durable Satin Polyurethane and the color is natural, dictated by the wood type. The rosette is a laser etched pyramid design. And the top is laser etched like the guitar in the movie, showing the beautiful Mexican heritage. The only difference from the movie is the headstock, which has a skull engraved on it and makes it look like an acoustic guitar.

Source: CordobaGuitars



To sum it up, the new Coco X Cordoba Collection is a great series of guitars. They are very popular, fun to play and the price is affordable. Get a piece of Mexican heritage and let yourself be inspired by the movie Coco.


Buy your COCO GUITAR here

Coco Acoustic Guitar


Buy the Coco X Collection here

All three guitars from the Coco X Collection can be found here at Amazon.

Cordoba Guitars Coco x Cordoba Guitar SP/MH Disney/Pixar Acoustic Guitar
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Cordoba Guitars Coco x Cordoba Guitar SP/MH Disney/Pixar Acoustic Guitar*
by Cordoba Music Group
  • Created in partnership with Disney/Pixar for the film "Coco".
  • Spruce top.
  • Mahogany back and sides.
  • Perfect for beginners 7/8 Size classical.
  • Satin (matte) finish.
Prime Price: USD 169.99 Buy now at Amazon*
Price incl. VAT., Excl. Shipping
Last updated on August 14, 2018 at 12:46 pm - Image source: Amazon Affiliate Program. All statements without guarantee.



This is just a nice looking replica made from plastic and powered by batteries. There are no strings, just buttons. Plays well and has good quality.

Disney Pixar Coco Guitar - White
48 customer reviews
Disney Pixar Coco Guitar - White*
by Mattel

Disney Pixar Coco Guitar - White

Prime Price: USD 63.31 Buy now at Amazon*
Price incl. VAT., Excl. Shipping
Last updated on August 14, 2018 at 12:46 pm - Image source: Amazon Affiliate Program. All statements without guarantee.



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