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Luna Guitars proved to be a good choice for the rookie guitar player. Not only do the guitars sound good but they also strike you visually. And Luna also managed to have some reasonable prices. I mean, who wants to spend thousands of dollars on their first guitar? You still gotta find out if you are good at playing guitar, maybe you wanna be a bass player.

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So I am very satisfied to feature Luna Guitars. Some users are very pleased with the sound of Luna Guitars, others not that much. I personally feel I should just get one for myself!

Luna also comes with history in music making. Yvonne de Villiers is the founder of Luna Guitar. Her mother was Hilda Willers (aka Hilda de Villiers) the bass player for the band Sage. As a child, Yvonne had often seen her mother struggle with the size and weight of the bass guitar. This would only help her in laying the foundations for Luna Guitars. She tried to make a comfortable instrument and also a good size for both men and women. Yvonne also has a background as an accomplished stained-glass artist which obviously lead to the artistic look of Luna Guitars.

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