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Guitar Tricks

First step is to have the guitar tuned. Either you have a friend over who knows how to tune a guitar but my recommendation is to try and tune it yourself. Its part of the learning curve and you have to start training your ear because you won’t get very far without a musical ear.

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Chords Theory

Once your beginner guitar is all tuned up here is what I would start with, learning the chords. And we focus first on the strings of the guitar. There are 6 strings, each of a certain thickness and tuned to a certain frequency. As you hold your guitar, starting with the thinnest string from the bottom we have E, B, G, D, A, E. Here is a diagram to make it more clear.

Individually these strings represent a note but if combined together they can produce a much fuller sound and take advantage of the musical resonance of the guitar. This combination of strumming multiple notes is called a chord. Chords and notes are found all over the freatbord (sometimes called fingerboard) of the guitar. The freatboard starts from the neck of the guitar and usually has 20 frets all the way down to the body of the guitar, where the sound hole is.

So to start playing the guitar, go over the basic chords. Try to memorize them and train your fingers with the basic chords before tackling the more advanced ones. This might take some time and frustration might show up but this is part of the learning process. Please check out here my chords page. Once some chords are mastered, try changing in between them. And guess what, some simple songs are only made of 2 or 3 chords. Most songs are typically made of 4 chords. Now there is also a rhythm that can make the song complicated to learn. On the other hand some songs are very easy and your reward will await you soon!

Try playing with the notes as well. Remember, they are all over the guitar and might be hard to memorize but there are the guitar scales that make it easier. But just to get you started on the notes, play the open strings of the guitar and guide yourself with the image above.

What makes a great guitar player? Practice! But that’s also what makes it fun, spending time with your guitar. Another recommendation I have for you is acquiring your own guitar. Being able to play whenever you want and making mistakes in your own private space is something precious. I remember how I played for the first time at a camp fire, in front of my friends and the time I needed to get there.

So please checkout my Rookies Guitar Selection and let me know how it works out for you. I am interested to hear your Rookie Guitar story and any fun stories related to that. And yes, you gotta get over sore fingers.


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